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Safety & Security

                                                       Safety and Security at North Joshua Elementary 

Student safety is the number one priority at North Joshua and there are many procedures in place to ensure students are protected while within our walls. If you would like further information or have any suggestions, please contact the main office, Principal or Assistant Principal. 
                                                        The following is a list of security measures taken at NJE: 
  • Monthly fire drills
  • Regular drills for lockdown, tornado, chemical spill, and reverse evacuation
  • NJE Incident Team
  • All team members and grade level reps carry emergency kits with first aid
  • Incident manuals for all classrooms with specific emergency procedures
  • All staff carry two-way radios for immediate communication
  • Double security entrance doors with buzzer system
  • Locked exterior doors with computerized keyless entry
  • Monitored security cameras campus-wide
  • AlertNow automated calling system
  • Weather alert radio and district monitoring
  • Raptor visitor sign-in with background check and highly visible badges
  • Background checks for all volunteers