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Weather Procedures - Severe Thunderstorm Tornado

Severe Weather / Tornado Procedures

Dear Parents,

We want to make you aware of some procedures we have in place to protect you and your child.

Ø  There are designated classrooms that students move to in the interior of the building during severe weather and we practice this regularly.

Ø  Dismissal: Should severe weather strike during dismissal, we will open exterior doors and allow parents in the building. It is JISD procedure that you will NOT be allowed in your child’s classroom so please come to the main office for shelter. You will be safe and protected there. Once the weather has passed, we will proceed with our normal dismissal procedures. 

Ø  Per Joshua ISD procedures, you will not be allowed to take your child out of school during a tornado warning. Please understand that if sirens are being sounded, we will not risk staff or student safety by having them walk around the building. We will dismiss your child as soon as the weather has passed.

We realize that severe weather is scary and your first impulse as a parent is to get to your child. However, know that our building is probably the safest place your child can be.  We have all students in rooms without windows and they will be in “duck and cover” underneath desks and tables for extra security. Thank you for your support and understanding!